Taiwan Gay Sports and Taiwan Gay Development Movement Association.

MAIL:[email protected]
Tel:+886 2 27554455

We are a legally established non-profitable association. Our objective is to unite gay sport activities with gay community events. Dedicate to continue popularize, promote and recreate Taiwan gay events. Through connecting with other related organizations to improve social image as well as recognition toward gay community.

1. To join international gay sport community, and participate in GayGames.
2. To win over the authorization to host 2026 GayGames in Taiwan.
3. To unite other Asia countries’ gay organization/ association to set up Asia version of gay sport games.
4. To step up gay rights development in Taiwan. Set up gay sport events and social events to garner consensus of gay community.
5. Through participating in multiple International gay activities and events; to increase International visibility toward Taiwan and Taiwan gay community.